We offer a full range of services, including the arrangement of property, goods, medical, vehicles, such as liability for all kinds of insurance, prevention, response, risk management and insurance accident in China.
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Our Business

We are exclusively and independently entrusted by Insured providing insurance intermediary services to protect their sake of interests.
Our Strength
  • Comprehensive Indemnity Information
  • Japanese Language Available while providing information
  • One contact window
  • Convincible assessment of indemnity
  • Assessment & Review of insurance premium
  • 24hrs/365 days contact available for accidental reporting
  • 40 service networks available across China
We provide the following insurance products for insurance arrangement service
Property All Risks

Coverage provided to the Insured who suffers a direct financial loss in respect of the physical loss of or damage to the insured property stated in the schedule, during the period of insurance arising from any Fire, NATURAL HAZARDS or ACCIDENT.

Public Liability

Provided indemnify the Insured against such sums which the Insured shall become legally liable to pay as damages in respect of death of or bodily injury to third parties, or loss of or damage to property belonging to third parties, in consequence of an accident occurring in direct connection with the performance of the work and happening on or in the vicinity of the premises stated in the Schedule during the period of insurance.

Marine Cargo Insurance

Cargo loss or damage arising from NATURAL HAZARDS or ACCIDENT during the period of transport.

Machinery Breakdown

Loss and or property damage arises from mechanical, electrical incidents due to faulty design, manufacture, or installation, foundry and raw material defects, workers and technical staff’s faulty operation, short circuit etc.

Business Interruption Insurance

Named as “Profit Loss Insurance” which means investors’ business resulting from interruption of or interference with the business carried on by the Insured caused by loss or destruction of or damage to property. This insurance defined as a “Consequential Loss” is attached under the Property All Risks or Machinery Breakdown Insurance. The coverage is to provide any building or property used by the Insured at the premises for the purpose of the business be lost or damaged by NATURAL HAZARDS or ACCIDENT resulting in interruption of or interference with the business carried on by the Insured. The indemnity is to cover “Loss of Profit” and “Fixed Costs” which necessarily incurred and paid during the period of business interruption.. It is extended to cover interrupted loss suffered by the Third Party, for example, suppliers, power plant, water supply factory, etc.

Money Insurance

Loss of Money and or Check kept inside premise or in transit due to burglary, robber or attempt thereat and other accidental loss or damage, such as fire.

Product Liability

To provide the coverage as a result of a legal liability arising out of the Insured Product that caused bodily injury or property damage to a user who is harmed by products that it manufactures, sells or distributes.

Employer Liability

Indemnifies the insured against its liability under the contract of employment to pay medical expenses and compensation in respect of death or accidental bodily injury or occupational disease to an employee caused by an accident that happens in the course of the employment. Other complementary Employer's Liability Insurance are also available under requests.

Construction All Risks

Construction All Risks Insurance is normally insured civil engineering structure, during the construction period, it is to provide the coverage in respect of the physical loss of or damage to the construction property and listed costs/expenses insured arising from NATURAL HAZARDS or ACCIDENT. It is applied to the domestic residential use, industrial use and public utility use related to civil engineering, such as house, road, bridge, reservoir, pier, resort, underground piping and other related government engineering projects.

Credit Insurance

The insurance cover for bad debt or non-payment of account receivables arising from trade.

Motor Insurance

A type of the insurance involving in transportation vehicles that provides to insured the subject matter of vehicles and the third party liability.

Passenger Liability

Indemnify bodily injury and or death to passengers while Insured vehicles encounter traffic accident.

Group Personal Accident

To provide comprehensive benefits, protection and peace of mind for your employees or your group members.

Health Insurance

Indemnify the Insured with the loss arising from disease, medical, disability due to the health issue.

Overseas Traveler Insurance

Comprehensive protection of personal accident injury and property damage, to meet business trip or leisure travel needs such as personal belongings, emergency assistance services, delay in travel, etc.,

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